God Has A Plan for Your Business!

How are you going to make a fruitful business to aid His plan?

Our Mission

At Mint and Honey Bookkeeping our mission is to arm small business owners with knowledge and expertise to build empires for the glory of God and our communities.

Focus on God's plan for your business while we take care of the bookkeeping using the bible as our guide.

Financial training for you and/or your staff with a focus on biblical business and finances.

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About us

Mint & Honey Bookkeeping is a firm that specializes in financial knowledge. We make sure that every client gets the required information needed to make the important decisions for growing their business the way God would like. We do this by creating a detailed chart of accounts designed to capture the specific information needed and then reporting that information with business suggestions geared towards biblical knowledge. We believe bookkeeping is more than preparation for tax season it is preparation for a fruitful business!

Meet Tasha

I think in more than one way God has always been calling me to start a business and lean into Him while doing so. As is the case with most Christians it took me a little while to figure out what He was saying. I started out in my families many businesses and after graduating college decided to try and run my own. After a few failed attempts and two kids I finally made a small craft business successful.

However, I found myself spending less time on the craft itself and more time on the bookkeeping side of things. With God's blessing, I took a leap of faith and decided to start a whole new business from scratch (again!). I went back to school to get my official training in a subject I have done since I was a teenager and started Mint & Honey Bookkeeping.

At 30 years old, I felt like I was starting over, but I knew this business had something powerful that none of the others had... God! For the first time I decided to put God as the center of my business. Not just as a guiding light to be good, but as the sole decision maker and CEO of my business.

With our Lord at the steering wheel we have grown faster than I could have ever imagined and I am doing something that I am passionate about and enjoy. Now I feel it is my job to help other businesses put God first, starting with their finances!

As you can imagine my home life had it's up and downs with all these changes. I am so blessed that my husband, Devin, is so supportive and helps me run the business out of our home. Our family is one of our top priorities and this allows me to homeschool our two children while still running the business with my team. Our goal is to build a business that allows other families the same flexibility in their lives.

Our clients get more time for what is really important when we run their books and clarity on what should take priority in their business. Plus, all of our employees work from home (mostly) with flexible schedules so they can have more time for family and God.

We truly appreciate the trust that each of our clients gives us and hope to continue to earn that trust for years to come!


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